Twenty-five years of goodwill and industry involvement means CDX is the trusted and preferred source of new music for many Country Music professionals. 

CDX has evolved with the times to become Country Music’s ONLY full-service promotional distribution system that is your marketing partner as well.  Not only do we get your music to the people who matter, other things we do include:

  • CDX Artist Client Resource Directory

  • Provide clients a virtual radio tour by hosting and filming client performances in our office and featuring the videos on our homepage

  • We Facebook Live these performances and share them across our social media platforms

  • Repost client press releases on our site and engage with every client on social media

  • We service artist liners to radio

  • We build volume-specific Spotify playlists to promote throughout social media

  • Got a single to release to Country Radio and want to know when it gets airplay?  Click here to learn more about TRACtion

 We service ALL US country radio stations – including the reporters. Additionally, we service:

  • Classic Country and variety stations who play “some country

  • Programming services and satellite companies;

  • Trade magazines and country radio programming consultants;

  • Record companies, publishing companies, booking agencies and music industry professionals;

  • Through a partnership with the Country Music Association we service the CMA International member DJ’s/presenters throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Tutorial for New CDX Users

Tutorial for CDX Serviced Stations