Welcome to the Fingerprinting Upload Center!
Please complete Steps 1 & 2 below in order to have your music fingerprinted in our airplay monitoring system, TRACtion.
Thank you.

This submission process is for airplay monitoring only, not distribution.
To submit assets for distribution, you can go here.

It may take until the end of the next business day to have your music fingerprinted in our system.
In order to see the full airplay statistics of your music, you will need a TRACtion subscription.

Please complete the information requested in each section and submit by the Assembly deadline.

Please note: There can be issues with submitting forms over a wireless or mobile connection. Wireless connections are known to have small connection glitches which can cause a submitted form to stall or fail. We recommend using a wired connection when completing forms.

After you submit the form, you will be automatically directed to STEP 2 > UPLOAD MUSIC

You will also receive a confirmation email that your information was received. If you do not receive a confirmation email then your information may not have gone through and you might need to submit the information again. (Remember to check your spam folder – the confirmation email might be in there.)

Fingerprinting Submission Form

If you are submitting an album or multiple songs, put the titles in "Additional Information."
If submitting an album or multiple tracks, list artist and song titles here.
reCAPTCHA is required.


To upload directly from your computer:
Click the red computer text link in the window below, and upload from your computer.*

To use the drag-and-drop feature within Hightail, you’ll need to reduce¬†your browser window accordingly to¬†view the file on your desktop top and drag it over to the music note icon.*

After adding your music, you’ll see a window asking for Your Name, Your Email, Subject and Message. Include your Name in the Subject field and the Song Title¬†In the Message field.

(*If you’re having trouble uploading using the link or drag-and-drop in the window below, you can go directly to the Hightail site or upload via the Dropbox link above the window.)

If you prefer to use your own Hightail or Dropbox account to upload files, please share the folder or link with mark@cdxnashville.com

Please note: There can be issues with sending music files over a wireless or mobile connection. Wireless connections are known to have small connection glitches which can cause an uploaded file to stall or fail. Hightail recommends using a wired connection when uploading files.

When you are done uploading your music, you should be all finished! If you need to upload another submission, click Step 1 above and continue the process again. Thanks!

Go to Hightail website
Upload via Dropbox

Having problems uploading?¬† Don‚Äôt beat your head against the wall ‚Äď Let us know! Please email Mark Piland at mark@cdxnashville.com.